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What is the point spending your dear time at Liljevalchs this weekend? Jacob Bursell asked Magdalena Malm, director of the Swedish Public Art Agency

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Why should I visit Market Art Fair?

You should visit the fair if you want to get a picture of what the galleries are up to, and how they work.

Would you say there are things to do and see for people who are not previously involved in the art scene?

That is actually my point. Market Art Fair is even more interesting if you are not involved. Because if you are, you probably already know what the galleries are doing. This is a good opportunity for anybody to see first hand what is going on in the art world, and to see it all gathered in one place.

This weekend will mark the ten year anniversary of Market Art Fair. What does a recurring event like this mean for Stockholm and Sweden, in your eyes?

I would say that it is always important to have events where everybody can meet, with a dense atmosphere, and where you simply gather everything that is currently happening on a scene. Another fun and important aspect is the international exchange, where people from different countries are coming together, all at once.

What are you personally looking forward to this weekend?

I’m especially looking forward to seeing the Market Space, and I’m also curious about the work of Leontine Arvidsson.

You can see a full MARKET art fair preview here