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More than just pictures on walls, Dianne Harris suggests businesses should have moving works of art for dynamic people at work

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International Art Consultants commissioned a 2012 research document and survey into the relevance of art in the contemporary workplace.

With the exponential growth of new technologies over the past few years, kinetic and digital art is only now being embraced by the corporate world.

Some 11.4 per cent of those in the survey said they had some sort of dynamic artwork in their office; 60 per cent said it had a high impact. 

“The engaging, participatory nature of the work means it breathes life into otherwise static spaces,” says Tony Langford, co-founder and director of Kinetica Museum.

“A recent example of this was Kinetica’s bespoke exhibition of artworks for BMW in Milan, where the works reflected the innovation, responsiveness and energy of the car maker’s new 5 Series. The innovative and pioneering artworks explored movement, light and sound as elemental forms of creative expression.”