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The brainchild of Caroline Kanekrans and Lisen Bratt Fredricson, is a sophisticated webshop for the country and equestrian lifestyle lover, born from a desire to make it easy and fun to shop timeless and unique products for the whole family. We met Caroline for afternoon tea to talk about just that - horses.

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Where are you and why?
At the office - because work needs to be done! And today we’re having extra good ‘fika’ so can’t be missed.
What are you wearing?
Comfy clothes. We’re horsey people so no room for heels and silks. Or rather, our work includes packing/unpacking boxes so best to adapt to avoid tears.
Do you wear a fragrance? If so, which one?
Byredo - can’t remember what it’s called!
What do you never go to the stables without?
My phone (for photos, emergency calls and music).
Which horsey women or men do you reckon have timeless style?
Well there are the obvious like Jackie Kennedy/Onassis and Robert Redford. I do love Amanda Brooks (contr. editor at Conde Nast Traveler)! Olympian eventer Alex Hua Tian (an ‘old’ Etonian representing China) is pretty stylish too - straight from Savile Row.
How do horsey people around the world vary in terms of style?
Well…. Let’s just say it varies. But in the horsey world all that matters is that you’re good with horses. And we all look the same in breeches and show jackets, a bit like a school uniform.
The face of Ralph Lauren, Nacho Figueras, a fan of your site, is the world’s most famous polo player. A pretty cool sport that carries a glamour and social prestige, much like the art world, why has the sport not become more popular to the otherwise very conscious Swede?
A few people have tried bravely to take polo to Sweden, but I’m afraid most Swedes only see the glamour of it (read Pretty Woman’s polo scene) and miss out on the culture of polo, the horses, the game, asados etc.
And glamour you can get from other events, hobbies and passions that are easier to achieve and show off in (art?). People don’t grow up learning to ride horses anymore so to learn how to play polo and to ride, plus pay a fortune for it, a bit of a hurdle to overcome unfortunately..
Who was the last person to leave a particularly strong impression on you?
It’s usually someone English, literate, eccentric with high morale and a good sense of humour. One person that always makes a strong impression is movie producer Amy Gilliam, wouldn’t mind seeing more of her!
What was your first “horsey” moment?
Can’t remember really as they’ve always been around. But I remember our Shetland pony (that’s a tiny pony) walking around loose in our garden, stealing bread from my breakfast plate.
What was your first “art” moment?
Not my first perhaps, but an art experience that made a lasting impression on me was seeing Al Taylor’s exhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art many moons ago. Stays with me still.
Will art ever find its way to the stables, or has it already? If so, how?
Yes - but it will have to be a horse in it. Or if not a horse, a stable dog. You have the classics such as Stubbs and Munnings, would love to own one myself. Photography is upping its game in the equestrian art world, especially contemporary. Check out the book High Tails by publisher Capricious. Those pieces probably won’t find it’s way to every man’s stable just yet. But give it a few years and it might be a different world (stable). I personally like contemporary art with horse motifs. Artists such as Helene Billgren and Anna Tuori can sometimes sneak a horse into their work. I also love Roger Hansson! Among non-Scandis I find my horsey fix in Wes Lang and Brit Danny Fox's work.
What is the genesis of Get the Gallop, and why did you set it up to begin with?
We wanted to make something that we ourselves were missing in the market. A carefully curated collection of equestriana, from exquisite head collars to guilty-pleasure novels, all available online with great service and user experience.
Are you involved in the horse industry outside of work?
Well, it all blurs together. I have recently taken up riding again! It’s been a few years without, so it is muscle-ache galore come Wednesdays!
Apart from Get the Gallop, what’s in your head these days?
Trying to get tickets to Marcus and Martinus gig in Stockholm for my 7-year old, moving houses and looking forward to Spring!