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We asked futurist David Mothander, working at Google as Nordic Policy Counsel, for his opinion of how digital will change, enhance, and challenge the arts, and what the future holds

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Mankind has documented the spoken word on the stone tablet, the printed page, and now the new frontier of the digital world. But the future is not a linear development – with digital the future is exponential development, not only in growth but also in how we expres ourselves.

Digitized expressions include words, pictures, sounds, impressions, emotions & feelings. All entangled with only creativity as boundary for the brave. Art will experience how technology will bring new life to old institutions and formats. The opportunties do not only belong to artists. Visitors will be interacting with artworks and be informed and entertained on a new level; the curious will always have the possibility for online consumption in a world where art institutions are never closed or sold out.

Just as an example, the dead sea scrolls can be viewed from your work study, and we can all follow the steps of Robert Scott on his unfortunate last journey. With the global reach of the Internet, with the endless possibilities and ever present access through smartphones and wearable devices, surely what lies ahead of us must be the most exciting time for artists and anyone else who’s interested.

I don’t know exactly what shape this will take, but my expectation is to be surprised, astonished and provoked, and I am surely looking forward to the future!