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Fashion director Claes Juhlin has become the Mr Blasberg of Sweden. Artworks discovers the man behind the feed.

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Describe yourself with a few words?

Well-read, successful, intelligent, handsome and mythomaniac. 

What is a must-see in your neighborhood?

McCabe Fine Art at Artillerigatan 40 usually has a lot of beautiful things. Last time I was there a very nice Georg Baselitz Verdunkelung series was hanging in the back of the office. I would’ve loved having that at home. I have yet to visit the newly opened Galerie Forsblom at Karlavägen 9 – they seem good at what they do, so it's just a matter of time.  

When did you last visit an art event and why, and what made it attractive or not so attractive?

The last major exhibition I went to was Robert Rauschenberg at the Tate Modern. A thorough and extensive show. Before that, the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, which may have been one of the best shows I've seen. Incredibly well curated. Unfortunately, both of these have passed, so perhaps it’s better to put the word out about the upcoming Giacometti exhibition, also at the Tate Modern, which I believe starts sometime mid-May (opens 10 May). 

More locally, I will certainly make sure to visit the Edmund de Waal / Giorgio Morandi exhibition that starts any day now at Artipelag (opens 7 April). 

At home, what art covers your walls?

You could say I decorate involuntarily sparsely. If I had more walls and a bigger budget, I would’ve had much more art. Right now I have some abstract oil paintings from the 50’s, some contemporary photographs, two drawings and a small collection of sculptures from the 30’s and 40’s. The largest piece is an early tapestry of Märta Måås-Fjetterström.  

If you were a piece of art, what art piece would you be?

If I could choose, I would be a 70’s Willem de Kooning piece. An advanced abstract painting that engages, but also is able to share the viewers' opinions. I also like the idea of art professors lecturing vividly about me. However, as a person I’m not particularly advanced or multilayered – on the contrary, I’m quite simple. 

Occasionally I hear people say I can be funny, so at best, maybe I’m a "joke painting" by Richard Prince. 

As fashion director, what makes for a good outfit? 

Fit, quality and expensive shoes.

Work title: Fashion director
Home: Östermalm
Background: Born in Eskilstuna, raised in Funäsdalen
Currently doing: A spiraling Instagram addiction