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In time for Christmas we give you a few good reasons for businesses to engage deeper with cultural activities.

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1. Recruit top talent

Everyone wants to live and work in a vibrant community.

When you partner to support local theater, music, museums, dance and public art, you help to make your community more attractive to current and future employees. Happier employees make for a happier workplace.

2. Put your company in the spotlight

The arts help you build market share, enhance your brand and reach new customers.

Celebrating the arts is a way to build a powerful presence and engage with multiple stakeholders quickly and effectively.

3. Foster critical thinking

Did you know that creativity is among the top skills sought by employers?

More often than not, business leaders say creativity is of high importance when hiring. The arts are about critical thinking, solving and reframing problems and facts in ways that reveal insights and opportunities.

4. Engage your employees

The arts challenge employees to be their best.

Whether it’s showing off their own creative talent in a company art show or battle of the bands, or volunteering for a local arts group, the arts let your employees use their current skills and develop new ones. For instance, sitting on an art organisation’s board is great training for sitting on your company’s board. In fact, studies show that millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees.

5. Embrace diversity and team building

The arts create an environment that blends backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures.

Through exhibitions, performances and workshops, the arts provide opportunities for employees to discuss workplace concerns and become more familiar with their coworkers in the next cubicle or around the world. What’s more, committing to the arts lets people inside and outside your company know that you value (and promote) innovative thinking and a creative culture.

6. Say thanks

The arts are a great way to show you appreciate your employees.

Providing tickets to events, museum memberships and other arts experiences is the perfect way to inspire employees and say “thanks.”

7. Give back

When you partner with local arts, you partner with the whole city.

The arts are essential to the health and vitality of individuals, cities, regions and the society at large. The arts enhance community development, create jobs, spur urban renewal, attract new businesses, drive tourism, and create an environment that attracts skilled and educated workers.